What People Are Saying

“I no longer had the time or resources to do the high quality job that he now does for me. I plan to continue using Dr. Miller until I retire.”

Gregg Pottorff, MD
Castro Valley, CA

Objective Functional Capacity Evaluations (O-FCE)

Comprehensive exam designed to match the functional limitations of the patients' impairment to their job demands. Facilitate closure of worker's compensation cases. Optimal AMA impairment ratings available.

Post-Offer/Pre-Placement Employment Testing

Objective evaluations help identify risk of injury and reduce incidence of worker's compensation claims.

BioErgonomic Analysis

Our on-site safety analysis of work environments determines optimal solutions for worker productivity. This reduces worker's compensation claims and allows employers to redirect their resources.
Ask about our one-time free ergonomic job analysis!

Fitness for Duty Testing

Employees are objectively evaluated to verify they may return to work if off more than 30 days.

Permanent and Stationary Reports

Our office offers assistance with the completion of permanent and stationary reports. The permanent and stationary report will be generated shortly after a physician visit.

Work Hardening

A program focused on improving the injured workers' impairment with the goal of having the patient safely return to work.


Medical Functional Assessments is quickly becoming the facility of choice by physicians, employers and workers' compensation professionals to prevent and resolve work related injuries. We have spent several years developing a patented methodology which follow physiatric and kinesiological principles to provide objective data which can prevent, reduce and close workers' compensation claims.

Our objective approach is backed by peer-reviewed research and has high levels of reliability and validity. We are continuing to grow our network to cover the major markets of California. Referrals are easy and we even obtain insurance authorization for you! Please navigate around and feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.

Medical Functional Assessments
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