Fitness For Duty

Fitness for Duty (FFD) Testing is an objective evaluation performed to determine if an employee who has been off of work secondary to a non-industrial related injury has the functional ability to meet subsequent job demands.

The purpose of the FFD is to ensure that a non-industrial injury does not become the company's financial responsibility. Workers typically request a release by their private physician to return to work. Often these decisions are made without any review or consideration of the job demands. Thus, the employer becomes responsible for reinjury.


The FFD exam typically lasts 45 minutes - 1 and 1/2 hours. The FFD test is more didactic than POET but not as intensive as the O-FCE. The test is developed to determine if the impairment and global body function can safely perform job tasks.

Benefits of the FFD:

Man having back pain
  • Ensure the company does not become financially responsible for a non-industrial injury

  • Ensure the employee is safe to return to work and is not a risk for reinjury.

  • Will guide physician decision making and eliminate guessing

  • Can provide data to better decide where the employee should be placed if the functional deficits do exist.

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