Frequently Asked Questions

What does Medical Functional Assessments offer that other companies do not?

  • O-FCE integrates data with board certified physician
  • O-FCE utilizes Functional Impairment Methodology
  • O-FCE uses objective methodologies to assess maximum effort
  • We obtain authorization of requested services for you!
  • Once authorization is obtained, we schedule the patient in 1 -2 weeks and send a complete report to all parties within 48 hours of service
  • We design and provide a wide variety of education and training programs to enhance your workplace for a safer and healthier work environment

Does the Functional Capacity Evaluation provide reliable and objective data?

Yes! Our Functional Impairment Methodologies (patent pending) combines physiatric principles with bio-functional mechanics. This unique methodology is 100% objective and includes: psychological screen, validity/reliability measures, physical effort testing, metabolic testing, range of motion, strength testing, compatibility with job demands and prescription for objective musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Who can benefit from Medical Functional Assessments?

  • Physicians
  • Claims adjusters
  • Case Managers
  • Workers' Compensation adjusters
  • Vocational rehab consultant
  • Workers' Compensation attorneys
  • HR directors
  • Disability insurers
  • Private corporations

When should employers utilize Medical Functional Assessments?

When the bottom line is significantly affected by increasing workers' compensation costs