Mission Statement and Philosophy

Mission Statement:

Medical Functional Assessments (MFA) was created to provide objective data which prevents and resolves workers' compensation cases. MFA utilizes scientific methodologies and applies core principles of physiatry and kinesiology to gain a thorough understanding of problems and offer solutions. MFA aims to provide workers' compensation professionals with objectivity to make accurate decision making. MFA evaluations utilize unique and patented techniques, which are backed by peer reviewed research and exclusive to Medical Functional Assessments.

Our approach involves the Work Injury Preparedness Matrix (WIPM), which is comprised of 4 components. The components are designed to reduce work injury costs, decrease lost days worked and increase workplace efficiency. The 4 WIPM components are: Post-Offer Employment Testing, BioErgonomic Evaluations, Objective Functional Capacity Testing and Fitness for Duty Testing. Each component can be used independently or in combination with another.

Practice Philosophy:

At Medical Functional Assessments we continue to strive for excellence. Reports generated by MFA's objective data are tailored to meet the referring provider's questions with objective clinical answers. What differentiates MFA is that our team is led by a board certified physiatrist, patented objective methodologies, and rapid turnaround for reports. MFA integrates opinions from a variety of experts to build on our foundation of patented objective methodologies.

Our referring providers appreciate our consistency and execution. MFA understands time constraints and ensures evaluations are done in a timely manner. Appointments will be made within 1 – 2 weeks and we make every effort to supply all parties with clear and concise data reports within 48 hours. MFA urges referral sources and patients to discuss their concerns and MFA is available to answer your questions.