Work Hardening Program

Medical Functional Assessments utilizes a Physiatric and Kinesiological approach to work hardening which focuses on the injured workers impairment. A work hardening program (WHP) is a goal-oriented, individualized treatment program to return an employee to work safely. Exercises and education focus on the injured workers' impairment with the goal of the individual safely returning to work.

A baseline Objective-Functional Capacity Evaluation is performed to determine the injured workers' current functional abilities. The objective data assists in creating the treatment plan. A plan of measurable goals is made by the Medical Functional Assessment team. An Objective-Functional Capacity Evaluation is then performed at the completion of the WHP to determine if the injured worker can safely return to work. Depending on the case, the WHP is 4 – 6 weeks long with the injured worker participating in 2 – 4 hours of activity per day for 3 – 5 days per week.

Components of the Work Hardening Program:

  • Medical Functional Assessment team including board certified Physiatrist and board certified Kinesiologist
  • Treatment plan individually made for injured worker
  • Exercises to improve strength and endurance of injured workers' impairment. Exercises progress from isometric to concentric to eccentric.
  • Education including biomechanics, ergonomics, safety and injury prevention
  • Job simulation tasks that progress in frequency, load and duration

Why choose Medical Functional Assessments?

  • WHP focus of improving the injured workers' impairment is unique to MFA
  • Our state of the art kinesiology lab allow for up to 4 injured workers to participate in a WHP at the same time
  • Our Objective-Functional Capacity Evaluations accurately determine an injured workers' baseline functional ability and determine if the injured worker can safely return to work
  • A board certified physiatrist and board certified kinesiologist are directly involved in the WHP
  • An initial report, O-FCE reports and weekly update reports are sent to all parties within 48 hours

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